What is the ORBI GROUP Bonus Program?
When you recommend your friends
to buy real estate from ORBI GROUP, you become a member of the Bonus Program
Each time an ORBI GROUP apartment is bought on your recommendation
you will receive a bonus point
You can then redeem your points
by choosing one of the gift options
1 Recommendation = 1 Point
Exchange your points for valuable gifts!
Bonus program points are an opportunity to receive a valuable gift from ORBI GROUP. Points are credited automatically as soon as someone (your friend or acquaintance) makes a purchase of an ORBI GROUP apartment upon your recommendation.

One completed recommendation = one bonus point.

2 years
No monthly fee for the services of the maintenance company charged to your apartment (reception, security services, cleaning, etc.)
1 000$
Certificate for $1,000, which you can use in ORBI GINZA, one of the best restaurants of Georgia
1 000$
Certificate for $1000 for air travel to and from Batumi
2 years of free service
for your apartment

When you choose this bonus, you can enjoy the services of the maintenance company of the complex free of charge for 2 years: reception, administrative services, security, video surveillance, maintenance of common areas (cleaning), landscaping, cleaning and lighting of the territory of the complex, technical and engineering support, fire safety, maintenance of elevators, maintenance of central communications, provision of backup communications.

Certificate for ORBI GINZA restaurant
a value of $1,000

ORBI GINZA is one of the best panoramic restaurants on the Black Sea coast. It is located on the top floor of one of the ORBI Sea Towers and offers fabulous sea views. Delicious cuisine and excellent service is not the only thing that will be waiting for you here; you will get a closer acquaintance with Georgian culture and experience the Georgian spirit of hospitality.

*The certificate has a limited validity period of 1 year.

$1,000 certificate for purchase
of air tickets to Batumi

When you exchange your bonus point for this option, you will be able to fly to Batumi at the company's expense *. Apply for a flight from anywhere in the world to Batumi and back and get tickets for you and your family.

*For purchases within the value of the certificate. The certificate is valid for a limited time of 1 year.

How does the ORBI GROUP Bonus Program work?
Step 1
Recommend ORBI GROUP property to a friend
Step 2
Register your recommendation
Step 3
Wait for the notification that an ORBI GROUP property has been purchased on your recommendation
Step 4
Receive your point and exchange it for one of the valuable gifts from ORBI GROUP
How to register a recommendation?
Be sure to register your recommendations so we can credit you with points.

To ensure that you get a guaranteed bonus point, register the person to whom you have recommended our company. You can register a recommendation as follows:

1. Choose one of the ways to register a recommendation that is most convenient for you

Call the hotline number:

0 800 100 120

0 800 300 587

Kazakhstan: +7 727 356 03 15

8 800 333 01 36

Other countries:
+995 595 01 82 81

Send an email to: bonus@orbi.ge
Fill out a simple form at bonus.orbi.ge
Add a recommendation in your Personal account
2. Provide information about the person to whom you have recommended ORBI GROUP

The more information you provide, the better we can identify your recommendation. We ensure that the contact information you provide will not be used for mailing lists. Recommendations to your closest relatives are allowed (except of a wife/husband and minor children).

1. Full name
2. City
3. Phone number
4. Additional phone numbers (family members, friends, etc., who can contact us on behalf of your recommended buyer)
5. E-mail
6. Additional information to help identify the buyer you have recommended

3. Get confirmation that your recommendation is registered

If the registration procedure is successful, we will send you a notification that your recommendation is registered. You can always see the status of your recommendations in your Personal account.

How to exchange points?
Send a request to our company by clicking the «Request points exchange» button in your Personal account
We will contact you to confirm the deduction of points
Receive a notice with a document confirming that your points have been deducted and exchanged for one of the gifts
Your recommendation is active for 1 year. If there is an application based on your recommendation later than 1 year after its registration, no points will be credited. The point is valid for 1 year. You must make a decision about exchanging it during this time. If you choose a 2-year waiver of maintenance fee for the complex as your bonus, for the apartments at the construction stage it comes into effect after the completion of the project and registration of property rights in the House of Justice of Georgia.


If more than 1 person applies on my recommendation, do the bonuses add up?

Yes! For each person who has purchased an ORBI GROUP apartment on your recommendation, you get 1 point. The more people become our customers on your recommendation, the more bonuses you get. You can double up on the same bonus (for example, increase the number of years of free apartment maintenance), or you can pick and use different gifts.
How long can I decide on my bonus choice?

You can decide on your bonus choice within 1 year from the moment the bonus point is credited. If for any reason you do not make a decision during this time, our company will send you a notice of expiration, reminding you of your points. Also, you can always see the information about the date when the point was credited in your Personal Account.
Can I transfer the free maintenance to the new owner when reselling the apartment?

Yes. In fact, it gives you more opportunities to sell. Surely, an apartment which already has, for example, a two-year waiver of maintenance fees from ORBI GROUP will look much more attractive compared to other offers on the market. You can use this advantage to sell your apartment for more money or faster.
How long can I use my $1,000 ORBI GINZA certificate or $1,000 certificate for air tickets?

Certificates are valid for 1 year from the moment points are exchanged. You can always see the information about the validity period of a certificate in your Personal Account.
If I choose as my bonus 2 years of free maintenance for the complex, and I have not yet taken ownership of the property, at what point does this bonus come into effect?

If you own an apartment in an ORBI GROUP complex, that is still under construction, and want to choose a bonus of 2 years of free services of the complex maintenance company, then you can start using your bonus as soon as the complex starts operating. Bonuses in the form of $1,000 Certificates to ORBI GINZA Restaurant or for buying air tickets will come into effect immediately after the points exchange procedure.
How do I know that the person I recommended ORBI GROUP to made the purchase? What verification methods do you offer?

After you have registered your recommendation and provided the contact details of the person to whom you have recommended our company, ORBI GROUP CRM system will automatically detect your recommendation as soon as he/ she contacts us. Even if they call from a different phone number than you specified, but other data (first name, last name, city, email) match, we will be able to identify your recommendation. This is why we ask you to provide as much information as possible when you register a new recommendation. The more information you provide, the better we can identify your recommendation. We guarantee that we will not use the contact information you provide for mailings. Your recommendations are a reward for you, for the person you recommend and for our company, and it is essential for us that this mutually beneficial cooperation continues for many years. We also guarantee the complete confidentiality of the data provided.
Can I transfer/gift my bonus point to a third party?

You can give your bonus to a third party, provided that the person you give it to is a customer of ORBI GROUP.